Geek Cast Live 9.399: #ForeverCedric

“You’re not my real dad.” – Batman

The streets of the grim city of Gotham glitter with neon lights, hardly glossing over the dark corners where the trash and monsters hide in plain sight. This is not the city we knew. Clowns, mobsters, even petty criminals prowl these streets while other devils hide in their towers divvying up what power and corruption they might amongst themselves. Gotham is not well, and it is up to us to have a podcast about in. For we are vengeance. We are darkness. We have embraced this as our new reality, and we’re gonna be vigilante podcasters or something now. We… are Geek Cast Live.


A Long-Expected Soundscape by Jordan Rannells — Kickstarter

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Danger Johnson, Brandon Rust, Kelly Shuttlewood, Polinerds, Lada Bartova , & Jesse G Letourneau.

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