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Geek Cast Live 9.428: Down With Big Soup

Sans Nic again the GCL crew do what they do best.  Nonsensically talk into their microphones in a vain attempt to make themselves laugh.  You really should pity us.  But not as much as the lonely cyckholded cowboy pities himself.  For that is a depth of depression only the void could understand. https://nextchapters.com/ Code: FlagSteakOzone Get […]

Geek Cast Live 9.426: Castle Dreams – The Girl With Two Legs

This week the Geek Cast crew drink deep the mushroom tea and descend into the weird world of Castle Dreams. Cryptids, romance, high school angst, and disestablishmentarianism are rolled up into a undeniably weird package with potential for charm and uncomfortable wit. If you, listener/reader, wish to join in the merrymaking and fun times check […]

Geek Cast Live 9.423: 17 Chainsaw Warriors

ASAP and Mark from Wayward Raven join us for their record holding 12th time on our podcast.  We celebrate this with balloons and cake.  Well, GCR celebrated with balloons and cake anyway.  NO idea what the rest of these heathens did.  Anyway, we talk about their upcoming Kickstarter that you should absolutely check out in […]

Geek Cast Live 9.422: Shaq Can See Valinor

With Nic off playing weather boy the rest of the Geek Cast Live crew make hay.  They talk about the forbidden topic.  The one thing Nic has always refused for us to speak about on the show.  Trends.  In.  Media. Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.Threadless.com Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream […]

Geek Cast Live 9.421: Ass Morse

Rob Bass had to step out for the evening, so we did our best to keep the energy up.  Probably failed.  We do however dive deep into The Chess Underground and talk about anal morse code.  Should it be legal? Why isn’t it already? Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.Threadless.com Plugs and Amazing Folks Check […]