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Geek Cast Live 11.485: Incubus Of Tech Problems

Our scheduled, you read that right …scheduled, Banter Cast went of this week without a hitch.  As long as you don’t count a myriad of technical and time issues.  Seriously if you don’t take any of that into consideration this thing slid through like an oiled-up duck. This link here  folks  https://jordanrannells.com/ https://waywardraven.com/ FOLLOW THIS […]

Geek Cast Live 11.483: 3 Body Conundrum

This week the Geek Cast crew lay off the spice while Ryan is away, and instead discuss the loaming threat of existential horror instead. They are coming. They are 400 years away, and they are coming. Their technology vastly superior, their intention malevolent seizure of your home and your people. Destruction. Annihilation. Alien intent. Scientist […]

Geek Cast Live 11.481 : A G.C.L.S.P.T.

Ever since Dune 2 dropped we have been hard at work at a special project.  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know that we have never really done anything like this.  So, buckle up and wish us luck! A Geek Cast Live Special Presentation Teaser…or GCLSPT if acronyms are your kink. This […]