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Geek Cast Live 7.321 : Stroke Joke

We haven’t had a 90 minute episode in awhile so this was a fun one. We spent the first half of the show talking Umbrella Academy season 2. GCR & Cartoon J hearken back to the olden days and give a spoiler free hashtag only review. This is expertly segued into our main event , […]

Geek Cast Live 7.320: Yeet Dragon

The return of sports and Hollywood pedophiles are set up and knocked back down again in this weeks episode of nothing happens. Without Nic the crew kind of runs amok. They spread their verbal seed throughout the inter webs hoping to eventually create a Gollum hellbent on destroying earth. Anyway…Defund the police. Black Lives Matter. […]

Geek Cast Live 7.307 : Snake Draft

In the search for more content the crew decides to double down on another bracket challenge. However they weren’t able to choose the topic of said bracket. So they did the only thing left for them to do. Create a bracket full of ideas for the bracket we want to do next. Convoluted? Sure. Harder […]