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Geek Cast Live 11.485: Incubus Of Tech Problems

Our scheduled, you read that right …scheduled, Banter Cast went of this week without a hitch.  As long as you don’t count a myriad of technical and time issues.  Seriously if you don’t take any of that into consideration this thing slid through like an oiled-up duck. This link here  folks  https://jordanrannells.com/ https://waywardraven.com/ FOLLOW THIS […]

Geek Cast Live 11.481 : A G.C.L.S.P.T.

Ever since Dune 2 dropped we have been hard at work at a special project.  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know that we have never really done anything like this.  So, buckle up and wish us luck! A Geek Cast Live Special Presentation Teaser…or GCLSPT if acronyms are your kink. This […]