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Geek Cast Live 9.395 : Cumgrunt

The Geek Madness Brackets have been revealed!  There are surprises! Moments that will shake you to your very core! Gorillas! Well maybe no gorillas but hell who cares right? Be sure to weigh in on who you think the overall number 1 seed is.  Otherwise Nic is going to be correct and we just don’t […]

Geek Cast Live 9.393: Creole Porn Names

Our yearly episode wherein we discuss what the topic of next week’s episode is going to be.  Imagine if we just kept doing that.  Never actually getting to the topic but constantly talking about the next week.  Might be as popular as our new celerity hocrux podcast.  Who knows.  Anyway enjoy the show. Plugs and […]

Geek Cast Live 8.386 : Oops All SKA

Its the last episode of season 8 and boy is it wonderful!  Not the episode itself.  Its awful.  way to many long pauses and disjointed conversations.  What’s wonderful is that it means this year is over.  Wait what’s that? You’re saying we still have a week left oft his shit?  *sighs* Plugs and Amazing Folks […]

Geek Cast Live 8.375 : Sex Galactus

This week the guys dive deep into Marvels What If… . And while that is the big ticket discussion don’t expect that to be all they talk about !  From NFT’s to serial killers this episode almost has it all.  Its controversial! Its unrepentant! Its an episode without Nic! Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out […]

Geek Cast Live 8.374 : Prison Baklava

Last week Bass and Joe.  This week Bass and GCR.  Now I don’t know about you but I think I’m seeing a pattern here.  Can anyone guess next weeks lineup? Does anyone care?  Anyway Bass and GCR discuss everything from chestnut blight to A24’s Lamb.  Its a fun ride .  Not wild at all …just […]