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Geek Cast Live 10.453: Sus, As It Were

Honestly, we didn’t spend the entire show talking about watches. We should have.  We could have.  Hell, if you haven’t listened yet maybe at this point you think maybe we did.  You’ll never know. FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR SOME AWESOME FLAGS FROM FLAGS FOR GOOD !!! Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.Threadless.com Plugs and Amazing Folks […]

Geek Cast Live 10.443: Cold Howard Cash

Rob Bass was of this week and while we could have talked about Warhammer or dubstep without him, we decided not to.  This left us with very little nonpolitical topics.  So, we did what felt right.  A Bantercast Babay!!! So buckle up and get your never-ending pint of beer. This is Geek Cast Live! FOLLOW […]

Geek Cast Live 10.440: Logarithmic Dancing

This week, the podcast finds itself in confusing artillery fire from the Internet. Nic, Bass, and Cartoon Joe discuss Twitter drama and vagina art, grand fictional battles, and rotisserie roasted pork asses. It’s fun, it’s weird, and maybe educational. Doubtful. Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.Threadless.com Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream here! […]