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Geek Cast Live 10.471: Second Base Ham

A nice post-Thanksgiving regroup.  We dish on the dishes we loved and loathed at our respective family gatherings.  However, we don’t stop there.  Because why would we? We seamlessly segue into the ins and outs of kaiju fights and marketing savvy secret organizations.  You guessed it, it’s the Monarch episode! This link here  folks  https://jordanrannells.com/ […]

Geek Cast Live 10.470: The Strange Case…Chapter 3

Its Thanksgiving week, and as we all know the Wednesday before Thanksgiving can be a busy one for some.  GCR is hosting family, Rob Bass Is tending to meat stuffed inside meat , and Nic is carving his families ceremonial cornucopia. While that happens, Cartoon Joe sits leisurely in his chair at home and reads […]

Geek Cast Live 10.461: The Alt-Milk

A general catch up sesh with the original 3 hosts of the show.  We talk about milk, coconuts, cards, and whatnots.  A clever waste of time if you will.  Just long enough for a little workout maybe.   This link here  folks  https://jordanrannells.com/ https://waywardraven.com/ FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR SOME AWESOME FLAGS FROM FLAGS FOR GOOD […]