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Geek Cast Live 9.422: Shaq Can See Valinor

With Nic off playing weather boy the rest of the Geek Cast Live crew make hay.  They talk about the forbidden topic.  The one thing Nic has always refused for us to speak about on the show.  Trends.  In.  Media. Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.Threadless.com Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream […]

Geek Cast Live 9.417: The Pork Shoulder Blues

With GCR gone this week the crew really fills his absence with energy ang vitality!  Topics vigorously debated! Non-stop laughter! Merriment for literal minutes!  Nic, Rob Bass, and Cartoon Joe spend this episode hyping some of their favorite moments in pop culture that happened over the course of this zeitgeist whirlwind of a week!  You […]