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GCL Presents TL/DL 1: Banter

Sometimes the preshow banter is better than the show.  Sometimes you wish you hit record earlier.  Well for once we lucked out.   Now you get some new free content.  Use it wisely.   Maybe blackmail a demon or support whatever activist group is in support or blackmailing demons.  Look the point is we don’t want you […]

Geek Cast Live 7.328 : Cuckold The Pope

Ever walk aimlessly through a grocery store? You don’t know what you want for dinner so you fill your cart with junk foods you will regret eating later. Toto’s Africa is wordlessly playing just loud enough to hear over the speakers. Anyway that pretty much sums up this episode. Vote and be active, people. Plugs […]

Geek Cast Live 7.303 : Sad Orgasms

Its mid apocalypse and we really didn’t have anything pressing to talk about. So we threw on some banter hats and our finest Sunday going to church clothes and got to bantering. We talk about golfing in sweatpants , throwing off an auctioneers rhythm and the death of the great John Prine. Towards the end […]