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Geek Cast Live 11.478: Sexy Anubis

It’s been a slow news week and while Nic was away we figured we would play.  Gonna be honest we had planned on having this really beefy topic but in typical fashion it just unraveled on us pretty fast. So, buckle in for somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes of swords and diabetes.  You’re welcome. […]

Geek Cast Live 10.474 : Roll Ass

In the season finale we debut a new listen along rpg! Goblins with a fat ass!  So come with us, steal some gold, ruin a butter man financially, and shove a perfect rock right up your butt.  Onward to SEASON 11!!!!! This link here  folks FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR SOME AWESOME FLAGS FROM […]

Geek Cast Live 10.472: Drug Inclusive Grief Fest

After a brief yet banter filled catch up the OG3, gods I hated typing that, dive into the new GTA6 trailer.  It should not shock you where the discussion goes.  Think Judgement Day. This link here  folks FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR SOME AWESOME FLAGS FROM FLAGS FOR GOOD !!! Get some cool merch […]

Geek Cast Live 10.471: Second Base Ham

A nice post-Thanksgiving regroup.  We dish on the dishes we loved and loathed at our respective family gatherings.  However, we don’t stop there.  Because why would we? We seamlessly segue into the ins and outs of kaiju fights and marketing savvy secret organizations.  You guessed it, it’s the Monarch episode! This link here  folks […]