Author: GCR

Geek Cast Live 8.342 : The Blump

Nic left us for an overseas sojourn so we killed his horse and decided to talk about Stonks. We dish on Uncle Elon and fire off witty repartees as if we are Dogecoin rich. Its wild. But not as wild as the spoiler filled Wandavision discussion we end with. Sing songs you bastards. Sing songs. […]

Geek Cast Live 7.337 : Armadillos Only In Bulk

In this week semi but not really penultimate episode the GCL crew theory craft some Mando. Of course not before they fill you in on a weeks worth of “Grade A Tom Fuckery” courtesy of Darth Giuliani and his non coherent Legion of Doom. Its all here and more in this weeks exciting episode of […]

Geek Cast Live 7.334: Denim In Me

Buckle up dirtbags! Its the GCR and Cartoon Joe show! Want to hear us talk about Alaska? Check! Lutefisk? Check! Want to hear Joe wax rhapsodic about Italian cheeseburgers? You got it dude! All of this and more in this super sensational episode filled with nothing….absolutely nothing. Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch […]

Geek Cast Live 7.328 : Cuckold The Pope

Ever walk aimlessly through a grocery store? You don’t know what you want for dinner so you fill your cart with junk foods you will regret eating later. Toto’s Africa is wordlessly playing just loud enough to hear over the speakers. Anyway that pretty much sums up this episode. Vote and be active, people. Plugs […]

Geek Cast Live 7.325 : Chunky Messiah

Nic takes a regular bank holiday. This allows us to talk about his least favorite subject without him. Now I know what you are thinking. You guys spent and entire hour and twenty minutes talking about mushroom hunting? No you vondrukes! We talk about fucking DUNE! Bass does his best to teach GCR about it […]