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Geek Cast Live 9.409: How the Supreme Court Sucks & Obi-Wan Is A Thing That Exists, A Thesis

This week the Geek Cast crew reunite after many long weeks to talk about Obi-Wan and Star Wars and stuff. The episode is had, and also a day after recording this the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Roe vs Wade. Call your representatives, go out and protest, go be loud and angry, […]

Geek Cast Live 9.406: The Late Episode (Stranger Trilogy: Part 2 – The Long Cut)

This week the Geek Cast crew reunite for part 2 of the greater Stranger Things trilogy. Well, except for Ryan. He’s in the Bahamas. Must be nice. Anyway, we talk about Eddie playing guitars, Will wandering into obscurity, Eleven having a filler season, and more. Light spoilers inbound. Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.THreadless.COm Plugs […]

Geek Cast Live 8.370 : Verb The Noun

Its the first Honey Heist of season 8 and did Rob bass whip up a good one! This time we are time traveling rats tasked with stealing the means of production form the proletariat! Seems like an appropriate thing to do.  For sure something any time traveling rat would do.  For sure. Plugs and Amazing […]