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Geek Cast Live 8.358 : Knife Missile , Gay Wedding

Brandish your sword and prepare to be boarded! Its our semi annual pirate centric episode! What’s this you say? you didn’t know that every other season we dedicate an entire episode to the high seas? well apparently you haven’t been paying much attention.   Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream here! Check […]

Geek Cast Live 8.355 : The Ghost In This Meat Ship

Nic is still trying to find the russian dressing for his roast beef sandwich. So the rest of us decide to do a deep dive into mockumentaries and Warhammer!  GCR’s Do/Review is a small snippet of HBO’s Seven Days In Hell.  Its fascinating to say the most.  Bass brings  the boys to the yard with […]

Geek Cast Live 8.347: On A Scale of 6 to 9

  This week the Geek Cast crew reunite to espouse their love for the monarchy, support Philip in his quest for immortality, and talk about the Queen saving the world from her rival lizardpeople houses. Following that we dive in to some March Madness, giving hot takes on the tournament and giving our Final Four. […]