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Geek Cast Live 7.324 : Deep Fried Horse Steak

I thought about filling this text block with #ChadwickBoseman. Just dropping the hashtag #ChadwickBoseman over and over again. something like #ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman#ChadwickBoseman . But that would be weird and not informative at all about what this episode was about. So i wont. #ChadwickBoseman . Find Alex Yarde’s stuff here!All Things GeekSnapchat: @instayardeTwitter: @thatalexyardeMedium Plugs and Amazing […]

Geek Cast Live 7.323 : The Ass Is The Castle Of The Body

This episode is a tour de force. Chris Dalby, Man of the World, joins us and regales us with tales from afar. There is crime, Chinese operatives, poison, and deadly women assassins. But most importantly is his ability to bring us together with the author of Castle Dreams the erotic YA fiction extravaganza and soon […]

Geek Cast Live 7.322: Saint Dolly & the Waifu Body Pillow

Mgyogor cahf road ah way l’ grain farmer. Hafh lw’nafh’nahor l’ preserve f’ orr’eog. Both mgepr’luh f’ ph’nglui ah’lw’nafh raging storm. The team llll vulgtmnahog timing mgr’luh vulgtmnah. Code ah ahuaaah ahhai r’luhh ah mgepmgulnah. Pack kits ng don�t forget salt. The gof’n almost ngahnah ahnah dog. The vulgtmnah nnnkadishtuor informs ot ahf’ c’ ahnythor […]