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  • Geek Cast Live 7.331: Supposably An Audioback
    This week the Geek Cast crew reunite to talk about Ocean’s Spray and the Pope! Nic learns how to Tik Tok, GCR talks about Moose Dick and crayons, and Cartoon Joe challenges both Merriam and Webster to a duel for the rights to words. Neat.

Cynics, fans, a group of guys with too many opinions.

Geek Cast Live is proud to have been going 6 years long, and still going strong. Ryan, Bass, Nic, and Joe indulge in the world of geeknerdom and the depths of pop culture, sci-fi, movies, sports, you name it. There is no topic we cannot discuss.

So take off your pants, grab a drink, and welcome to Geek Cast Live.

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