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Geek Cast Live 8.364 : Probably Face Meat

If at times it feels like we have given up on providing quality and or thought provoking content.  That’s because sometimes we have given up on providing quality and thought provoking content.  Not that this episode is in any way different from any other episode.  If fact this episode might be more in line with […]

Geek Cast Live 6.285 : Guy Pearce Doing Guy Pearce Things

This week after some short but pin point banter the crew discusses DIablo 4. This of course pulls us into a rabbit hole filled with talks about Phil RIvers, the MCU, and the uber 90’s Arch Deluxe. Weird right? Plugs and Amazing Folks GET YOURSELF SOME CBD OIL! CLICK ON THE PICTURE! Check out the Twitch stream here! […]