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Geek Cast Live 8.349 : No One Jerks Off In Jamaica

It is almost a perfect episode.  Joe is drunk. Nic hates. Rob hates nic’s hate. Gcr laughs about the whole thing.  We talk both Marvel & DC and we shame each other about movies we each think everyone should have already seen.  Get your bingo cards ready folks. Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the […]

Geek Cast Live 7.322: Saint Dolly & the Waifu Body Pillow

Mgyogor cahf road ah way l’ grain farmer. Hafh lw’nafh’nahor l’ preserve f’ orr’eog. Both mgepr’luh f’ ph’nglui ah’lw’nafh raging storm. The team llll vulgtmnahog timing mgr’luh vulgtmnah. Code ah ahuaaah ahhai r’luhh ah mgepmgulnah. Pack kits ng don�t forget salt. The gof’n almost ngahnah ahnah dog. The vulgtmnah nnnkadishtuor informs ot ahf’ c’ ahnythor […]

Geek Cast Live 7.313 : Apples For The Beth Of Us

In an effort to shakes things up, and maybe pull ourselves out of the hellscape, we play a little game. We pick our rosters for the never to be seen Westeros vs Middle Earth arcade fighter! Think Marvel / Capcom. Anyway we try our best. Enjoy this never imitated always disappointing podcast. Oh and we […]

Geek Cast Live 6.289 : Tits Up For Paul Reiser

This week we discuss the Black Widow trailer in all its Sheriff Vicodin glory. We of course most likely discuss some Mando with the recently baptized Nico. Take a guess which two hosts get into a tiff in this all new episode of random happenstance. Plugs and Amazing Folks GET YOURSELF SOME CBD OIL! CLICK ON THE PICTURE! […]

Geek Cast Live 6.282: The Amateur Web Developers’ Paradox

Well, the Geek Cast crew have done it again. Perhaps this was the first time. It feels like the first time, it feels like the very first time. After a week of Internet Anarchy, questionable decisions, and a deal with a Lovecraftian god we have a website again. Let us see now how ye olde […]