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Geek Cast Live 9.417: The Pork Shoulder Blues

With GCR gone this week the crew really fills his absence with energy ang vitality!  Topics vigorously debated! Non-stop laughter! Merriment for literal minutes!  Nic, Rob Bass, and Cartoon Joe spend this episode hyping some of their favorite moments in pop culture that happened over the course of this zeitgeist whirlwind of a week!  You […]

Geek Cast Live 9.412 : The Great Zoom Experience

So, with Craigs recent failings we decided to try zoom.  If you expected a podcast with no flaws and A+ quality, you should listen to something else.  What follows is a harrowing experience through sound and thought.  We did talk about a large prehensile penis though so there’s that. Get some cool merch @ http://GCL.Threadless.com […]

Geek Cast Live 9.411: The Recast Cast Part Deux

Sometimes you have recording issues.  For us here at Geek Cast Live sometimes means, all the times.  Luckily for us, and you by proxy, we have contingency plans in place to guarantee content for your ears!  Ladies and gentlemen prepare yourself for The Recast Cast’s third episode.  It’s all about Tombstone baby! Get some cool […]