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Geek Cast Live 8.386 : Oops All SKA

Its the last episode of season 8 and boy is it wonderful!  Not the episode itself.  Its awful.  way to many long pauses and disjointed conversations.  What’s wonderful is that it means this year is over.  Wait what’s that? You’re saying we still have a week left oft his shit?  *sighs* Plugs and Amazing Folks […]

Geek Cast Live 8.384 : Commodore Ulysses Jorts

An insightful and robust conversation about Shang Chi and Hawkeye? An ode to Kman?  No petty squabbles or butt hurt…butts? What the hell has happened to us?  Must be the start of something new.  Or maybe Nic is back and we just felt like we should ease him back in to his role.  That’s it. […]

Geek Cast Live 8.382 : Long Pork & Cigarettes

Its the yearly Thanksgiving episode! You know what that means right?  We go around the horn saying what we are thankful for this year? Get the fuck outta here with that noise! We talk about cannibalism and drugs! Because what else is there to do ? Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream […]

Geek Cast Live 8.381: Peter Parker , Serial Killer

With the world most anticipated trailer dropping les than 24 hours before we record we were kind of hamstrung right? i mean what else could we possibly talk about ?  Nic however wanted nothing to do with it.  He has made a solemn vow to never watch a Marvel property again. So at least this […]

Geek Cast Live 8.380 : Pussy Posse Law

ASAP and Mark , our most favorite guests of all time, join us for a discussion about their latest venture. A anthology of comics , short stories , and artwork!  We also discus the use of ,commas,in,fiction,writing,and ,when,and,when, not,to, use,them.  Its exhilarating. Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream here! Check out our […]