Author: GCR

Geek Cast Live 8.370 : Verb The Noun

Its the first Honey Heist of season 8 and did Rob bass whip up a good one! This time we are time traveling rats tasked with stealing the means of production form the proletariat! Seems like an appropriate thing to do.  For sure something any time traveling rat would do.  For sure. Plugs and Amazing […]

Geek Cast Live 8.364 : Probably Face Meat

If at times it feels like we have given up on providing quality and or thought provoking content.  That’s because sometimes we have given up on providing quality and thought provoking content.  Not that this episode is in any way different from any other episode.  If fact this episode might be more in line with […]

Geek Cast Live 8.363 : Buttery Penis

This week Bass and GCR are joined by a real pro’s pro. Kevin Gootee from Gutting The Sacred Cow podcast bring a light and airy presence to the show.  Like a meringue. The three of us shoot the shit as we talk about stupid movie tropes and how i should probably return the DVD’s I’ve […]