Author: GCR

Geek Cast Live 8.380 : Pussy Posse Law

ASAP and Mark , our most favorite guests of all time, join us for a discussion about their latest venture. A anthology of comics , short stories , and artwork!  We also discus the use of ,commas,in,fiction,writing,and ,when,and,when, not,to, use,them.  Its exhilarating. Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out the Twitch stream here! Check out our […]

Geek Cast Live 8.375 : Sex Galactus

This week the guys dive deep into Marvels What If… . And while that is the big ticket discussion don’t expect that to be all they talk about !  From NFT’s to serial killers this episode almost has it all.  Its controversial! Its unrepentant! Its an episode without Nic! Plugs and Amazing Folks Check out […]

Geek Cast Live 8.374 : Prison Baklava

Last week Bass and Joe.  This week Bass and GCR.  Now I don’t know about you but I think I’m seeing a pattern here.  Can anyone guess next weeks lineup? Does anyone care?  Anyway Bass and GCR discuss everything from chestnut blight to A24’s Lamb.  Its a fun ride .  Not wild at all …just […]